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Freedom Culture

Nov 4, 2023

In the second episode of the Freedom Culture podcast, the host delves on her life changing decision that got initiated with a trip to Paris, right before her 40th birthday. Being a mother of six and working relentlessly on a full-time job and a home staging business, burnout was imminent. The host shares that the trip provided her the space and time she needed to reassess her life. She discovered her ultimate need for freedom, and felt the strong pull to exclusively be her own boss. The episode ended on a note encouraging listeners to take meaningful breaks in their lives, set intentions, and make changes that align more with their personal fulfilment and happiness.


00:00 Introduction and Personal Background

00:17 The Importance of Celebrating Birthdays

01:37 The Struggles of Being a Working Mom

02:18 The Decision to Travel Alone to Paris

03:16 The Experience of Traveling Alone

04:37 The Struggles and Expectations of Being a Woman

09:04 The Decision to Quit the Job

09:53 The Journey of Self-Discovery in Paris

11:43 The Decision to Start a New Business

15:52 The Importance of Taking Breaks and Following Your Intuition

19:01 The Future Plans and Conclusion

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Books Mentioned in this Episode;

Two Weeks Notice by; Amy Porterfield