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Freedom Culture

Sep 12, 2023

It's no coincidence that you have been lead to The Freedom Culture Podcast, welcome!  

I am over here smiling ear to ear that somehow you have found my little slice of the internet!  Plop in some earbuds and dive in with me as we talk about creating a culture of freedom in your life and work.  I'm here for it all, even the chaos!  

My name is Stephanie Simmons and I am completely obsessed with living in a culture of freedom and helping you maneuver your way through the chaos to the calm.

As a small city Mom of 6 I took my life into my own hands, quit my job and went all in on my side hustle, creating the freedom to not only make may own schedule, but to make time for the people and things that matter most in life.  Working from home I now have an online business teaching others how to realize their passions, map out their goals in business and in life and make those goals their new reality. 

I’m just over here telling it exactly like it is as we dive in on topics like burnout, balancing it all, finding joy and dreaming up those crazy cool next chapters of your life!  Business, Mindset, breaking barriers, and showing up for yourself and the people you care about are all things we talk about here.

Ready to become the curator of your best life?  Lean in, take a listen and let me challenge you and cheer you on to creating a life you absolutely love.  This is the Freedom Culture Podcast!