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Freedom Culture

Nov 4, 2023

In the first episode of Freedom Culture podcast, host Stephanie Simmons introduces the concept of 'Freedom Culture', a movement against the prevalent hustle culture. Stephanie, a single Woman and Mom of six is an entrepreneur who has established two service businesses in her city, she discusses her experiences with the toxicity of hustle culture. The episode aims to inspire listeners, to reassess their lifestyles, analyze whether they're enjoying their work, and stress on the importance of focusing on what they are great at. Stephanie entwines the idea of Freedom Culture with being your authentic self and believing that you are enough, inspiring listeners to embrace their individualism as a tool towards freedom and happiness.


00:00 Introduction to the Freedom Culture Podcast

00:13 Understanding the Freedom Culture Movement

00:40 The Impact of Hustle Culture

01:01 Meet the Host: Stephanie Simmons

01:26 The Freedom Culture vs Hustle Culture

02:05 The Struggles of Being a Female Entrepreneur

02:30 The Importance of Intentionality in Life

03:39 The Power of Belief and Self-Worth

04:14 The Dangers of Comparison and Social Media

04:47 The Joy of Being Unique

07:10 The Importance of Loving Your Work

07:14 The Reality of Entrepreneurship

15:21 The Power of Small Habits and Quantum Leaping

19:07 The Launch of the Podcast and What's to Come

20:01 The Importance of Authenticity and Being Yourself

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Book mentioned in this episode;

Atomic Habits by; James Clear

You 2 by; Price Pritchett