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Freedom Culture

Dec 1, 2023

On this episode of the Freedom Culture Podcast, Stephanie Simmons offers her listeners a profound exercise that has helped her uncover her deeper motivations and passions in life. This episode is centred around the '7 Levels Deep' exercise that pushes individuals to uncover their true 'why' behind their actions and aspirations. 

In my own "7 Levels Deep" journey, I unearthed a long-buried yet important memory. This memory has been one of the driving forces behind my relentless pursuit of self-improvement. 

Have you ever found yourself stuck in the rut of feeling merely average? Join me on this episode as we dive into a transformative exercise known as "7 Levels Deep." Together, we'll navigate the intricate layers of hidden passions and motivations that shape our lives. Get ready to be challenged and perhaps even surprised as we explore fundamental questions: "What do I want to do?" and "Why is that important to me?"

Anyone struggling to find their purpose or motivation to do something great may find answers, just like Stephanie did, through this simple yet impactful exercise.

00:00 Introduction and Personal Background

01:19 Discovering Your Passion and Motivation

02:10 Uncovering Your Driving Force

02:53 Personal Story and Reflection

04:27 The 7 Levels Deep Exercise

04:58 Personal Experience with the Exercise

10:35 The Impact of Discovering Your 'Why'

16:10 Applying the Exercise to Other Aspects of Life

20:25 Final Thoughts and Encouragement

21:44 Conclusion and Invitation for Feedback

19:35 Discovering Self-Worth


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